Druga Godba 2023: Pametne godbe (‘Smart Music’)

39th International Druga Godba Festival 
22—30 May 2023, Ljubljana



After crossing its own frontiers and joining forces with the Ment and Lent festivals last year, the current edition of Druga Godba, a rehearsal for the festival’s 40th anniversary, showcases a week of music-making in the Slovenian capital. Running for eight days at four venues and nine stages, with twenty artists and twenty-two concerts.

Traditionally varied and encompassing all genres, the programme is also gender-balanced. It offers a contemporary blend of traditional and urban music, featuring bands that transcend national boundaries and are primarily committed to an art that is simultaneously the broadest and most intimate means of expression. The music is aimed at inquisitive audiences – that is, listeners wishing to enrich their lives through the performers’ knowledge, experience and creative freedom.

While the festival’s most prominent name is undoubtedly Mariza, like virtuoso Malian guitarist Vieux Farka Touré a festival returnee, our selection includes a range of thrilling and notable artists. At the same time, careful thought has been given to matching content with venue so that the musicians’ artistry can soar to new heights and reach the audience in the most direct way possible.

If this year’s slogan, ‘Smart Music’, was inspired by the beautifully devised and thoughtful graphic artistry of Kaja Kisilak from Business Genome, it goes without saying that everyone attending and financially supporting the festival will be demonstrating an equal measure of smartness.