Gala Hala Summer Garden, AKC Metelkova Mesto

25 May


Manuel Brajnik,  synthesiser, guitar – Rok Babič, synthesiser, bass – Gaj Bostič, drums, percussion – Jan Lavrič, VJ – Vuk Emiliano Valecic, VJ

A landscape of danceable rhythmic experiments from the Slovenian coast, seasoned with salt and a view out into the open sea.

Photo © Eros Brajko, © Matic Pandel

This young collective incorporate many different styles, from progressive rock through underground electronic music and jazz to African rhythms and trip hop, to thrilling effect. Now they’ll begin to build on the trust put in them by legendary Slovenian label KAPA, who released their second album, The Inbetweens, late last summer.









  • Pre-sale: EUR 15
  • On the day: EUR 20