Kino Šiška

27 May

Faizal Mostrixx

Irresistible Afrofuturism from Kampala by a dizzying talent equally at home in music, choreography and contemporary dance.



If Kinshasa was one of the musical centres of the world half a century ago, that baton has now firmly passed to Kampala. With the support of labels, producers, studios and the legendary Nyege Nyege festival, there has been an extraordinary blossoming of musical and artistic creativity in the Ugandan capital over the last few years, one that has changed the course of African music and produced a new electronic sound that threatens to take over the world.




One of its most intriguing proponents is Faizal Mostrixx, a dizzying talent whose skills encompass music, choreography and contemporary dance and whose Afrocosmic energy continues to keep him way ahead of the pack. Mutations, his first full-length album for Ljubljana’s own Glitterbeat Records, is released on the day of his performance at the festival. Expect him to electrify the main stage at Kino Šiška like few before him, with an Afrofuturism and a new brand-new dance sound you’ll find impossible to resist.




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