Klub CD, Cankarjev Dom

23 May

Tarta Relena

Marta Torrella, Helena Ros – vocals and electronics

With vocal styles ranging from flamenco to jazz, and songs sung in Catalan and Spanish, Greek and Latin, the Mediterranean has never been so mystical.

Foto © Playadeanza



Spanish duo Tarta Relena are further proof that the voice is an instrument whose possibilities are endless. After all this time, it remains capable of addressing the deepest and most timeless themes from all corners of the planet; and the problems that stem from the human condition are the same as they were centuries ago, regardless of the time and place in which we find ourselves.




Since Tarta Relena’s inception in 2016, Marta and Helena have used their voices to travel through the ages, but with a determination to create their own repertoire from an oral music tradition rooted in the Mediterranean. Electronics play a key role here, allowing the duo to rework ancient melodies without erasing their origin. Their vocal styles range from flamenco to jazz, and their languages from Catalan and Spanish to Greek, Ladin and Latin. The Mediterranean has never been so mystical. Tarta Relena are its history and its vision.




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