Gala Hala Summer Garden, AKC Metelkova Mesto

25 May

ESINAM & Sibusile Xaba

Esinam Dogbatse, vocals, flute, percussion, electronics – Sibusile Xaba, vocals, guitar, percussion

An intriguing new collaboration by two kindred spirits who will lead us on a unique improvisational musical journey from the far past to the present.

Photo © Maël G. Lagadec, © Harness Hamese


Sibusile  Xaba:


On an evening full of them, here’s another happy coming-together. Distance is no obstacle when two kindred spirits link up to embark on a unique musical journey that leads from the far past to present and whose magical presence creates melodies and rhythms that might even soothe you into a trance.



The roots they carry within themselves grew in Africa, more precisely Ghana and South Africa, and although they grew up in different cultures, we can hear in their music a common call to musical freedom, where improvisation leads to the creation of songs of meaning and a common goal: to make yourself and others happy on a spiritual level and with a sound that only these two are able to convey. Druga Godba has become something of a home for intriguing new collaborations, but few have tasted as delicious as this.




  • Pre-sale: EUR 15
  • On the day: EUR 20