Kino Šiška

30 May

La Chica

Sophie Fustec, lead vocals, keyboards, SPDS – Raphaël Charpentier keyboards, SPDS

A French-Venezuelan collage of heavily textured sounds that draw on contemporary and classical influences to breathtaking effect.

Photo © Guillaume Malheiro

Sophie Fustec (La Chica) blends musical inspiration from Venezuela, the country of her mother’s birth, and her hometown of Paris by using a collage of heavily textured sounds that also draw on an array of contemporary influences, including such Druga Godba luminaries as The Roots, Tune-Yards and Juana Molina. Her musical world revolves around the piano and keyboards, skilfully blending classical inspirations (Debussy is a major touchstone here) with the dense intensity of analogue synth.



There’s no trickery here just an artist conveying emotion through abstract thought and poetic self-reflection. Like Sudan Archives, La Chica is an independent, free-spirited artist whose musical aesthetics, visual imagery and live performance break down barriers and stir the soul.





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