Klub CD, Cankarjev Dom

23 May


Thanasis Zikas, guitar, tsabouna (Greek bagpipes), vocals – Evi Seitanidou, guitar, lyra, beatbox, vocals

A range of instruments and techniques, both ancient and modern, transform the soulful sounds of Greece into something wholly new.

23 May at noon | concert and talk in a Radio Slovenija music show Prva vrsta

Moderator: Alja Kramar


When Kadinelia’s first concert recordings appeared a few years back, it was clear that Greece was witnessing the arrival of a strong new project by two superb musicians keen to insert their own blues and rock into the musical tradition of their home country, and to bring the resulting sound to every corner of the world. And they’ve been pretty successful at it too, embarking on a journey in which the timeless sounds of Greece are transformed into something wholly new, courtesy of some lovely acoustic guitar and harmony-singing.



Add beatbox to this, along with traditional Greek bagpipes and lyra, and you have an explosive energy that proves that even small groups, in the case a duo, can offer an expansive experience for concert audiences. Their dedication and faultless live performances have earned them major recognition and a spot on numerous stages at home and abroad. A new tradition as redolent of the streets of Southern Europe as of its olive groves and vineyards.




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  • On the day: EUR 20


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