Channel Zero, AKC Metelkova Mesto

25 May

PoiL Ueda

Antoine Arnera, keyboards, vocals – Boris Cassone, guitar, vocals – Benoit Lecomte, acoustic bass – Guilhem Meier, drums, vocals – Junko Ueda, satsuma-biva (Japanese lute), vocals

Another stunning experiment from Lyon, as avant-rock quartet PoiL join forces with Japanese singer and storyteller Junko Uede.

Photo © Paul Bourdrel


Lyon’s music scene is well-known for its stunning experiments, some of which are still ringing in the ears of Druga Godba audiences. One by one, Mei Tei Sho, Pixvae and Ukandanz tore down the fence that ‘protects’ us from culture from elsewhere, replacing it with messages from the musical beyond.



But perhaps no one from that city has delved deeper than avant-rock quartet PoiL. Thirteenth-century Japanese epic Heike-Monogatari? Why not. Storytelling duties are taken by the charismatic Junko Uede, singer and satsuma-biwa player, who relates dramatic episodes of universal human emotions, their Buddhist ideas of cause and effect and the transitory nature of human life. PoiL Ueda is a musical flower that will never wither.




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