Klub Gromka, AKC Metelkova Mesto

25 May

Teis Semey Quintet

Teis Semey (Denmark), guitar – Jesse Schilderink (The Netherlands), tenor saxophone – José Soares (Portugal), alto sax – Jort Terwijn (Netherlands), double bass – Sun Mi Hong(South Korea), drums

Amsterdam-based Danish jazz guitarist Teis Semey is widely regarded as one of Europe’s most brilliant young talents. Find out why.
Photo © Kilian Kayser, © Govert Driessen

Teis Semey has shot to the front of the cohort of youngsters who have flooded the European jazz ports, and Amsterdam in particular, with new creative energy in the last few years. 



The guitar skills of this brilliant Danish talent are an engine that needs no fuel; instead, his power comes from deep reflection and a mathematical approach to band-leading, where the dosage is organised and always proportionate to the tempo and the melodies that emerge from their collaboration. Indie jazz as a response to tradition and the imagination we’ve been missing. 




  • Pre-sale: EUR 15
  • On the day: EUR 20


This concert is part of the Footprints programme, which is supported by Creative Europe.



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