Their latest record, Point of Views, which gets its live premiere at Druga Godba, is a thrilling blend of rhythms, harmonies and vocal melodies, and the result of a decade of deep research.


KiKi: KiKi, vocals – Jaka Florjančič, guitar – Nika Trdin, Gala Pregel, Eva Ana Zudič, backing vocals

KiKi is undoubtedly one of the most intriguing new artists to have arrived on the Slovenian musical scene in recent years, and one whose intimate, confessional approach to songwriting and performance is perfectly complemented by a powerful yet gentle stage presence that draws the audience irresistibly into an imaginary world. This showcase is the perfect place for KiKi and band to present their debut album, which comes out in the spring.


Zajtrk: Laura Krajnc, vocals, violin – Sven Horvat, vocals, guitar – Neža Pavlovič, double-bass – Matija Solce, accordion

Laura Krajnc and Sven Horvat, the core members of Zajtrk (which translates as ‘breakfast’), describe themselves an ethno-chanson duo. With a commitment to Slovenian as a language of song and a witty, socially critical, mischievous and independent approach to creativity, Zajtrk are clearly fascinated by humankind in all its comical, rebellious, confused, tragic, unhappy (and happy) aspects. It’s an approach that has gained them a loyal following, so why not join us for this special Druga Godba breakfast and see what the fuss is about?





  • Pre-sale: 15 EUR
  • On the Day: 18 EUR
  • Festival ticket: SOLD OUT Special pre-sale: EUR 48 (while stocks last, limited number of tickets available) | Ordinary pre-sale: EUR 57