Tabor Hall (Playground)

27 May 2022

Jimmy Barka Experience (SI) feat. Branislav Nikolov (MK)

DJ Bakto; DJ Borka; Marjan Stanić, drums; Branislav Nikolov, vocals



Jimmy Barka Experience return to Druga Godba with a brand-new set and a guest with whom they’ve collaborated very fruitfully in the past.

These still-young veterans of the Slovenian music scene, with their trademark collage of musical styles ranging from funk, breaks and Afro rhythms to Balkan party and rock, have been busy rustling up some new material.

Where their most recent record, 2019’s Three Piece Puzzle, was more downbeat in style, the new one (as yet untitled) will up the tempo. Not known for overthinking things, these boys are once again betting that their formula of wildly diverse samples and top live rhythms will get everyone moving. We’ll take that bet.


A new venue for Druga Godba and an evening of global-minded dance music awaits. Party on, Jimmy B!



The concert is included in the programme of the 38th International Druga Godba Festival. Festival tickets also include this concert.

Jimmy Barka Experience feat. Branislav Nikolov + Pijan Slavej

Pre-sale: 17,00 EUR

Walk-up: 20,00 EUR

Festival Pass: SOLD OUT

Jimmy Barka Experience feat. Branislav Nikolov + Pijan Slavejbuy me
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