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29 May 2022

DrummingCellist: The Mountains Roared (SI)

Kristijan Krajnčan, violoncello, percussion, effects



Multi-awardwinning Slovenian cellist and drummer Kristijan Krajnčan started his DrummingCellist project in 2017 with the release of a debut album and an appearance at that year’s European Jazz Conference. This was followed by concerts at several prestigious jazz festivals and stages, including Saalfelden, Sarajevo, Ljubljana and Budapest Music Centre.

Where these were very much focused on jazz improvisation, film soundtrack motifs and the work of the great Arvo Pärt, his new project, The Mountains Roared, which received its world premiere at the Handelsbeurs Concert Hall in Ghent in February this year, draws on ideas from Slovenian folk music and mythology.

It recomposes old recordings on wax cylinders and reintegrates with live playing, always managing at the same time to preserve the essence of the song’s message.


‘Folk music is a living thing that is constantly changing and acquiring new value as it is handed down from generation to generation, if we know how to approach it through our own experiences of the world. This is what interests me: looking at things through my own personal kaleidoscope. This is why I’m not bothered about dogmas, either in folk or contemporary music’ (Kristijan Krajnčan)



This concert is included in the programme of the 38th International Druga Godba Festival and is covered by the Festival Pass.

Slovenian Showcase: Gugutke + DrummingCellist + Mala mestna muzika

Pre-sale: EUR 15 | 10*

On the day: EUR 18

*Under-25s, over-65s and senior citizens