Maribor, Sodni Stolp

1 July at 20.30

Brina (SI)

Brina Vogelnik, vocals – Jelena Ždrale, violin – Luka Ropret, guitar – Urban Turjak, trombone – Nino de Gleria, bass – Blaž Celarec, drums. Special guest: Metod Banko, vocals


Yes, it’s hard to believe that Brina are returning to main stages after a gap of ten years – and a full twelve years after the release of their third album Slečena koža.

But despite this long absence, they’re still the only Slovenian ensemble to receive a song of the year award nomination from the BBC World Service (for ‘Poljanska balada’) and third spot on the World Music Charts Europe (for their second album Pasja legenda).

There has been one solitary line-up change since the band’s formation in 2004, with young trombonist Urban Turjak replacing accordion player Drago Ivanuša. It does seem that the trombone has lent them a more contemporary sound within their otherwise characteristically detailed arrangements. These, as always, draw on a wide range of musical styles, regardless of whether the band are adapting folk songs or tackling original compositions ‘borrowed’ from Eka Vogelnik.

The band will premiere their new album, To je to (DruGod, 2022); and you’ll be pleased to hear that it’s the sound of the ‘new old’ Brina in all its sonic variety. Brina Vogelnik’s voice remains as wonderful as ever, full of a delicate passion that places us right at the heart of a century of unrequited love, fallen revolutionary heroes, run-away children, and jealousy as the unshakeable constant of mankind. We can hardly wait.