Utopian Manifesto 2.0

Oslo World 2019 had utopias as its theme. In connection to the topic, the festival invited professionals from all over the world to create a utopian manifesto – a work to promote ideas and strategies to combat discrimination, racism, corruption and inequality in the cultural sector.

In 2020 we feel the urgency to get together again. The ambitious goal of rethinking the cultural sector can not be achieved by ourselves. This workshop will therefore be co-hosted by wonderful allies (festivals and cultural organizations) across the globe.

The first version of the manifesto was released this spring, with objectives the sector should have, and a number of concrete action proposals to help us reach these objectives. It touches on topics such as fair application processes, equal pay for equal work and strategies against racism in the field of art. The need to continue, to revise, add and keep the discussion on how to achieve a fairer cultural sector alive, is still here. Therefore, during this year’s festival, representatives from the music industry across the world will meet digitally, to exchange experiences from the past year and to update the content of the manifesto.

The workshop will be digital and happen in multiple languages, inside a virtual 3D space created by Estraad and Sentralen.

The first phase of the workshop will take place in regional rooms, in a range of languages. The second phase of the workshop will take place in English, in multiple transnational rooms.The third phase of the workshop will take place in English, in one global room, where participants will be able to see the final findings of this collaborative Manifesto.

In between the sessions, delegates can “hang out” in different networking areas, chat and connect, through their avatars.

The delegates will be asked to discuss the following five topics:

  • Gender Equality
  • Anti-discrimination
  • Accessibility
  • Class and economic equality
  • Climate emergency

All professionals in the cultural field are encouraged to participate. This is an action based manifesto so we hope to get to concrete actions and goals that we could implement in the cultural sector.

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The workshop is created by Oslo World in partnership with Balansekunst and TrAP. Thanks to the support of FrittOrd and Music Norway. In collaboration with Al-Balad Music Festival, Favela Sounds, IMESUR, MARSM, Nyege Nyege, Riddu Riddu, Rock al Parque, Sukiyaki Meets the World, Suoni Mobili, Visa for Music, Keychange, Global Toronto, Druga Godba, Norsk Jazzforum, Beirut Jam Sessions, International Indigenous Music Summit, Fira B!, Mercat Musica Viva de Vic, Arabesques.