Švicarija, garden

9 July

Zvezdana Novaković ZveN »ČARALICE« (SI)

Zvezdana Novaković ZveN, compositions, vocal; Marko Črnčec, keyboards; Nino Mureškič, percussion and elecronics; 

Back vocals, dance, percussion: Petra Prosen, Maja Zagmaister, Neža Janša,Sonca Menart, Zarja Menart, Kaja Horvat, Eva Mulej, Neža Bojovič; Zarja Ferlinc, dance

Ritual hymns to nature, and the ancient spells and sayings that our ancestors used to heal physical and mental ailments: this is Čaralice (‘Witches’), a new project by musical shaman Zvezdana Novaković, which gets its world premiere here. Zvezdana dove deep into the historical records of Slovenia and its Balkan neighbours, emerging with texts that she then went on to adapt and to place alongside original songs, all in a contemporary musical setting. 

Čaralice is, among other things, a homage to the recently deceased Slovenian writer Pavel Medvešček and to all the old believers who have continued to nurture our first religion: belief in nature. 



Day Pass ( Zvezdana Novaković ZveN »ČARALICE« + Samuel Blues & Miha Erič) | EUR 15