Gala Hala, AKC Metelkova Mesto

2 June 2009


»Led by multi-instrumentalist Elliot Bergman, Nomo play a heavy, largely faithful descendant of Fela Kuti & Tony Allen’s classic Afrobeat sound that leans more toward the jazz side of the style than the funk side, with the occasional blast of distorted guitar or flourish from a flute.« (Pitchfork)


Erik Hall – guitar, drums
Quin Kirchner – percussion
Jamie Register – bass, voice
Elliot Bergman – keyboards, tenor saxophone, sampler, voice
Justin Walter – trumpet
Dan Bennett – bariton saxophone




Invisible Cities (Ubiquity, 2009)
Ghost Rock (Ubiquity, 2008)
New Tones (Ubiquity, 2006)