Gala Hala (Summer Garden), AKC Metelkova Mesto

8 July

nemanja (HR)

Luka Šipetić: guitar; Laura Matijašević: bass; Leo Beslać: keyboards; Karlo Lugarić: percussion; Matej Perić: drums

Nemanja’s main mover is Luka Šipetić, a musician and songwriter from Pula, who kickstarted the band in 2019 with the album Tarot Funk. It certainly landed in our hearts and minds with a bang, with songs that took their inspiration from Afro and Thai funk, Cambodian psych and Anatolian rock. The record received much praise throughout the region and beyond, prompting Luka to put together a band that went on to appear, among other places, at the Ment festival in Ljubljana. 


Shortly after that he released Cosmic Disco, with its striking single Dāw Yĕn, which confirmed nemanja’s place as one of the very best outfits following the trail blazed by the celebrated Altin Gün. On Cosmic Disco, Šipetić celebrates life by drawing inspiration from the Tibetan Book of the Dead (!), with the music bringing us back to the golden age of disco, from the Lebanon to Yugoslavia, and launching Šipetić firmly into the future. Get ready for a live cosmic disco party in the summer garden at Metelkova!


Day Pass (Elaha Soroor & Kefaya + nemanja) | EUR 15



Photo: Alma Drnovac