Kino Šiška, Ljubljana

Thursday, 23 May at 9.45 PM

Ill Considered



London-based quartet Ill Considered are well-known for the unplanned process of creation that goes into their work, and the fact that they do not converse between takes in the studio and never know quite where their playing will take them. The music is propelled along by a wide percussive range that deviates from expected rhythmic patterns and often features Middle Eastern styles. This is music that is untethered, minimal and subtle in equal measure, with a wild experimental streak that incorporates elements of electronic music.

Idris Rahman, sax; Leon Brichard, bass; Emre Ramazanoglu, drums; Steve Ashmore, percussion


“The group’s strength is generating a wide range of emotions from two extremes: minimalism, and the wild experimentation that incorporates elements of electronic music.” BANDCAMP (ALBUM OF THE DAY)


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