Klub CD, Cankarjev Dom

7 June 2009

Vruja (Istria)

The roots of this Istrian ensemble of folk music revivalists, whose name translates as ‘water source’ or ‘spring’, can be traced back to another group, Istranova, one of whose members, Luciano Kleva, died in 2003, only two years after forming Vruja. Despite this tragic loss, which was followed by another in 2006, when basset-player Štelijo Reja passed away after a serious illness, the group have managed to preserve their initial impetus, playing traditional music from across Istria with great verve and charm. Reflecting the multifaceted and multicultural nature of the region, they sing in the Čakavian, Istrian-Venetian and Šavrinian dialects, employing old and new instruments and mixing male and female voices to fine effect. They presented their debut album at the 2002 Druga Godba festival, and will be showcasing their latest offering this time round.


Alenka Kranjac – voice, daska
Marino Kranjac – voice, guitar, mandolin, violin, pipes, sopele, flutes
Rok Kleva Ivančič – voice, violin
Peter Kaligarič – accordion
Gabrijel Križman – voice, guitar, flute
Gorast Radojević – bass, Istrian double bass






Bres pašaporta (Samozaložba, 2013)
Ruj, ćupinj, žameštra (Samozaložba, 2009)
Od mladega vina do pustne frtade (Samozaložba, 2006)
Vruja (Samozaložba, 2002)