Linhartova Dvorana, Cankarjev Dom

11 September

Uršula Ramoveš in Fantje z Jazbecove grape



Uršula Ramoveš in Fantje z Jazbecove grape officially gathered together in 2005, but their musical history is much longer. It dates back to the late 1980s, when Uršula Ramoveš first started singing the poetry of Janez Ramoveš. The creative relationship lasted, and today their music still primarily evolves around his special, regional dialect moulded poetry, expressing it in a unique musical way, merging chanson, jazz, and traditional folklore modes of singing and playing.


After a break  the band released a new album named Hribovske balade (Celinka, March 2020), which contains 12 songs recorded at the Studio Metro in Ljubljana. The album will be premiered at the Cankarjev Dom as part of the Druga Godba festival.

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Photo: Jaka Babnik