Minoritska Cerkev

Saturday, 25 May at 6.30 PM




This Polish trio, three collectors of bittersweet herbs laid on altars of love, longing and fear, conjures a narrative that is both magical and real, weaving modernity from long tradition. Throw off your shoes and take yourself off into mossy forests of wild honey and fresh water. Smell the earth, lay your ear to the ground, and listen to the life and the history that moves below it. Sutari invite you to follow them into the unknown.

Basia Songin, vocals, bass, drums and found objects; Kasia Kapela, vocals, violin, zither, found objects; Zosia Zembrzuska, vocals, violin, drum, found objects


“There is much to agree about when it comes to Sutari – the intricacy of their compositions, the appeal of their stage presence, the aptness of their found instruments and the relevance today of the traditional songs they play.” KEXP


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