Gala Hala Summer Garden, AKC Metelkova mesto

26 May 2024 at 20.00

Ndox Electrique

A possession ritual for new times, as the traditions of the n’döep community in Senegal meet (post-)industrial guitar and bass. A wild, dark and above all feminine experience.

Ndeye Coumba Mbaye Kebe, vocals; Oumar Ngom, sabar drum; Mouhamet ‘Sangue’ Sambe, sabar drum; Mamadou ‘Pape’ Ngom, sabar drum; Gianna Greco, electric bass, vocals; François R. Cambuzat, electric guitar, laptop, vocals; Alessandro Maffei, sound design;




Ndox Electrique (SN/FR) is a possession ritual that draws on the traditions and ceremonies of the n’döep community in Senegal – but a ritual for new times, with dance, percussion, (post-) industrial guitar and voices summoned to drive away (and placate) demons. What’s waiting for us is a wild, dark and above all feminine experience. These aren’t the sounds of Africa prettified for Western ears, but an occasionally violent, always explosive new birth in which tradition challenges contemporary musical currents.




Fresh from acclaim at major festivals like Le Guess Who?, Transmusicales, Womad, Moers and Sziget, Ndox Electrique will provide the perfect climax to Druga Godba’s 40th birthday celebrations.





Pre-sale (until 22 May): EUR 20,00

Regular price (after 23 May): EUR 20,00


Includes concerts: Rudi Bučar Trio, Zoc, Lenhart Tapes, Ndox Electrique