Kino Šiška, Ljubljana

Friday, 24 May at 8.00 PM

Maarja Nuut & Ruum



Estonian violinist and vocalist Maarja Nuut is already familiar to Ljubljana audiences from the MENT festival and the Tuesday concert series at Cankarjev Dom. This time she’ll be luring us into her intimate soundscape with the help of Ruum, who subtly augments her musical cortex with the pulsating electronics of his own expressive musical language. The dream sequences of the Baltic folklore tradition and the marks left by personal experience will be accompanied by the startling visuals of Kristjan Suits. With atmosphere washing over us like the infinite light of plankton at night, there’s much more here than we dare feel.

Maarja Nuut, vocals and violin; Hendrik Kaljujärv (Ruum), electronics; Kristjan Suits, visuals


“The Gloaming. Twilight. That moment where magic seems to crackle and flicker through the world. Secrets are created. Day-built tensions are released as we settle down. Some prepare for the sleep that will be approaching soon whilst others start to feel an energy that fizzes through them.” LOUDER THAN WAR


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