Vodnikova domačija, Ljubljana/ Avditorij LGM, Maribor

Friday, 24 May at 6.30 PM / Saturday, 25 May at 11.00 AM

KNEDLBEND: a culinary and musical spectacle

Children’s show (3+)

Knedlbend is a delicious mix of recipes, rhythm, vocal interpretation and modern musical approaches, with a hint of ancient wisdom, kneading songs from recipes and putting a smile on everyone’s face.

The KNEDL project has a simple mission: to get kids thinking in a fun way about food and health. For two decades, Danilo Ivanuša has dedicated himself to educating people about food culture and quality of life and, for the last ten years, raising the awareness of children, young people and their parents and guardians. Danilo uses theatre, puppetry, street performance, music and a variety of other media to explore the world of food and cooking.


Danilo Ivanuša – concept, vocals, arrangements
Mateja Kapun – puppets
Polona Leben – arrangements
Urška Recer – costumes
Peter Ošlaj – music productions, arrangement
Maj Meden – guitar, arrangements
Rok Vilčnik (rokgre) – lyric-writer of the Knedl song, MišMaš (Na tržnici, Žejen, Apetit)
Zelen dizajn – visual identity

DrMr – Ahac Meden Institute for Social Research and Intercultural Understanding –


In collaboration with Vodnikova domačija


Photo: Luka Kaše