Vodnikova Domačija

10 July

Katja Šulc (SI)

Katja Šulc / voice, ukulele; Andraž Mazi / charango, guitar, kalimba; Kalu / synth, production

Katja Šulc is Slovenia’s link to Latin America – or more precisely, to Mexico. But while Katja’s new album Caricias is dedicated to that country and its poetry, and features modern, traditional and indigenous songs from there, it sounds like her own world entirely: sensual, emotional, heart-rending, hypnotic and melodic, but also contemporary, with a touch of alt-pop that anchors it firmly in the global musical currents of today.

Live, it’s an unarguably magical proposition, particularly when accompanied by Andraž Mazi and Luka Uršič, two masters with a special feeling for the artistic possibilities of music.

‘Wonderful music from Slovenia – I suggest you lose yourself in melancholy’ BBC Radio 3


Day Pass (Katja Šulc) | EUR 10


Photo: Marijo Zupanov