23 May 2024 at 21.45

Ibrahim Maalouf & The Trumpets of Michel-Ange

Debuting in Slovenia with his new T.O.M.A. project, Beirut-born trumpeter Ibrahim Maalouf is simply one of the world’s biggest and brightest stars on any instrument.



Ibrahim Maalouf had a trumpet placed in his crib when he was a baby in Beirut ― literally. Credit for that goes to his father, Nassim, a musician himself and inventor of the microtonal trumpet, whose fourth key opened up whole new sonic world to players of the instrument. It has since fallen to Ibrahim to introduce it to all musical genres and every corner of the world, and he has done so with mastery and verve.
Ibrahim Maalouf was still a young man when, having been garlanded with some of the greatest prizes in classical music, he began to develop his considerable potential as an improviser, composer, producer and teacher (he started a class in classical music improvisation at the Conservatoire Régional de Paris in 2011).




Along the way he has also become a much-loved and hugely sought-after performer: without doubt the most popular instrumentalist in France and that country’s pre-eminent (jazz) improviser. He has packed out all of the world’s most renowned concert halls, including the huge and legendary Accor Arena in Paris last November; his performances have taken him to some 40 countries so far; and across 17 albums he has played and collaborated with some of the biggest names in pop, hip hop, jazz and rock.

Yet despite this, and despite scoring huge global hits like ‘Beirut’, it does seem that it’s only with his new project T.O.M.A., or Trumpets of Michel-Ange, that he’s finally managed to locate the ultimate trumpet sound. Inspired by global musics and by a trumpet designed and built especially for him by Adrien Jaminet, Maalouf has refined the bases upon which the impossible becomes possible. Ten musicians are set to take the stage with the master, including four trumpeters playing the same Jaminet-designed instrument as him.

The trumpet as the voice of creativity, of hope and of connection between every generation in every part of the world, played by one of the world’s greatest exponents of any instrument.





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Includes concerts: Ibrahim Maalouf & The Trumpets of Michel-Ange, Mats Gustafsson & Kimmo Pohjonen