Vodnikova domačija, Ljubljana

12 September

Hostnik pa Krečič



Tomaž Hostnik is a pianist, chansonnier, poet and composer for various occasions with extremely extensive opus. Matija Krečič is a violinist, composer and arranger who works in several musicals styles and collaborates with many artists and music groups. They cooperate with each other so much that they haven’t charged each other for services for a long time. Sometimes Tomaž needs an arrangement, another time Matija needs lyrics, a third time one records a record, a fourth time another produces a single. In the duo Krečič-Hostnik they play Matija’s music, but the duo Hostnik Krečič performs Tomaž’s opus.


At the end of 2019 they recorded the album Mačahe (Stepmothers), which is just before the release. Album contains a selection of the Hostnik’s chansons and haiku chansons, which are narrated in the language spoken in his home village, Suha.
Lyrics are stories of all kinds –  about love, drinking, relationships, passing… You could simply say – about life. In addition, they squeeze all possible sounds out of their instruments.



Tomaž Hostnikpiano, vocals 

Matija Krečičviolin, backing vocalist 

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