Štih Hall, Cankarjev dom

24 May 2024 at 18.00

Hatis Noit

The buzz is building hard for this young London-based Japanese vocalist: avant-garde pop stylings, classical and operatic influences, and stage presence to burn.


Photo ©Fiona Garden, ©Özge Cöne


Hatis Noit (JP/GB), a name taken from Japanese folklore meaning ‘stem of the lotus flower’, is a Japanese vocal artist and performer from Hokkaido currently resident in London. Her range of interests and influences is wide indeed, from Japanese classical music (Gagaku) and opera to Bulgarian and Gregorian chanting, to avant-garde and contemporary pop. What’s perhaps more astonishing than her stunning vocal technique and stage presence is the fact that she is entirely self-taught.


Legendary label Erased Tapes have a happy knack of picking winners, and Hatis Noit is the latest in a distinguished line. The list of artists lining up to work with her is pretty much any self-respecting avant-gardist’s record collection: Kevin Richard Martin (The Bug), Lubomyr Melnyk, The London Contemporary Orchestra, Rick Rubin and William Basinski, to name a few. The buzz is building, so you’d best be there.




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