Križanke, Ljubljana

18 Maj 2009

Branko Završan (Slovenia)

They say that the great tango singer Carlos Gardel was not Argentinian but French (or even Uruguayan). And it’s beyond dispute that the greatest exponent of the chanson, Jacques Brel, was not French but Belgian. Music is full of such quirks. Here’s another, and it’s Brel-related too: that someone whose primary profession is not that of singer may well come to be regarded as Slovenia’s finest interpreter of Brel’s songs. Responding to his inner calling, actor and director Branko Završan began to put out some splendid translations and modern versions of Brel’s songs. His dark longing and urgency intact, Brel is now able to sing (and curse) in Slovene. Završan’s powerful, evocative interpretations, joined by measured and skilful musical accompaniment, have in a single stroke established him as the most fascinating new act of recent years.

Branko Završan – voice, accordion 
Krunoslav Levačič – drums
Žiga Golob – double bass 
Uroš Rakovec – guitar 




Photo: Žiga Koritnik



Senca tvojega psa (Didakta, 2008)