Avditorij LGM

Saturday, 25 May at 8.30 PM

Bakalina Velika



First there was Jani and Renata. Then Bakalina expanded, like the view that stretches from Čadrg to the hills of Tolmin and all the way to the majestic summit of Triglav. Their forthcoming album, Prvi krajec, due out in spring, is not only full of fresh songs, but also features a new line-up of highly experienced musicians who are still too young to be called veterans. It’s a musical adventure that takes the listener from the hidden corners of ancient caves to the summits of Tolmin, and melds experimental, eclectic sounds and instrumentation with Jani’s storytelling, which is more intimate and heavily seasoned than ever.


Jani Kutin, vocals, flute, lyrics; Renata Lapanja, accordion; Andrea Pandolfo, trumpet, flugelhorn, piano; Matej Magajne, electric guitar, bass; Samo Kutin, sounds, balafon, hurdy gurdy, guitar, brač, bass, harp bass, n’goni; Dejan Lapanja, drums, guitar, bass; Marjan Stanič, drums, percussion; Bogdana Herman (special guest), vocals




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