Cankarjev Dom, M3/4

22 May at 11.30 am

Audience Development for Innovative Music


In light of the new ways of experimenting with music, the development of audiences in the field of innovative music is a real challenge and an opportunity to affirm the richness of this artistic practice.


This first roundtable will discuss experiences in promoting a large but specific type of music, and share experiences on the development of new audiences. With music more accessible than ever before, major changes are taking place in the way people discover, listen to and experience music. How, then, do we think of jazz and innovative music within these new parameters? As professionals with a passionate interest in music, our goal is to understand these changes in order to make music accessible, build a cultural community and find creative ways to sustain the attractiveness of innovative music.

Keynote speakers: Mathieu Durand + Cormac Larkin + Ellen Cranitch + Miha Zadnikar