Footprints tour 2023: Önder (NL)

20/11/2023 | Porgy & Bess, Vienna

21/11/2023 | Klub CD, Ljubljana

22/11/2023 | BMC, Budapest

23/11/2023 | KMKC Kompleks, Ravne na Koroškem

25/11/2023 | Corte dei Miracoli, Milan

Önder: Jort Terwijn, double bass, Portuguese guitar, synth; Federico Calgano, bass clarinet; Hristo Goleminov, bass clarinet; Alessandro Mazzieri, bass guitar; Nick Thessalonikefs, drums

Jort Terwijn is a harbinger of a new wave of brilliant Dutch jazz musicians. In Slovenia, Terwijn played at the 2023 Druga Godba Festival with the Teis Semey Quartet, in the context of the Footprints programme. Önder (which translates as “under”) is a bass ensemble consisting of double bass, bass guitar, two bass clarinets and drums. Together they create a fresh and rare musical installation in an acoustic-electronic context. The compositions are at times hypnotic, labyrinthine drones or chopped-up beats. The ensemble ventures open soundscapes to harsh avant-garde, constantly on the quest for new curves in the musical lineage of jazz. It will come as no surprise if the gig turns out to be this autumn’s most surprising jazz concert.