James Holden & The Animal Spirits and Los Pirañas added to the Druga Godba line- up

James Holden & The Animal Spirits and Los Pirañas have been added to the line-up and will appear at Kino Šiška on Saturday 26 May.

James Holden arrives in Ljubljana with a new band, the Animal Spirits, and a critically acclaimed
album that made many people’s Best of 2017 lists. Holden is perhaps best known as one of the
world’s most innovative trance producers. His new project, however, which he’s dubbed ‘folk
trance’, sees him lead a band for the first time. His current sound is a kind of trance bacchanal – and while his synth still leads the melody, harmony and rhythm, the Animal Spirits’ improvisational skills give his creations a new dimension.

James Holden & The Animal Spirits – The Animal Spirits:

Los Pirañas are the next new addition to the Druga Godba line-up. These tropical psychedelic
eccentrics situate their sound at the meeting point of Andres Landero’s dark cumbia, Konono’s
twisted trance and Ceramic Dog´s sophisticated rawness, with a hefty dose of tropical Afrobeat and
an out-of- control computer thrown in for good measure. Hailing from Colombia, Los Pirañas are
nothing if not eclectic, with other South American genres, such as Vallenato, Peruvian chicha,
Colombian raspa and champeta, jostling for headspace with cumbia in all its forms. It all slips down
very easily with the help of rock, improvisation and an absurd musical humour. Slightly insane and
definitely danceable, this is tropical noise you’ll want to surrender to.

Los Pirañas – Salvemos Nuestro Folclor:

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