Druga godba @ BBC Radio 3 Music Planet

We are thrilled to announce that the Druga Godba will be featured on the esteemed BBC Radio 3 tomorrow at 21.30 (GMT +1)! We are delighted to have the opportunity to showcase the vibrant culture of Ljubljana and joyous atmosphere of our festival to listeners around the world.



The recording will be available shortly after broadcast.


Our hearts are filled with immense gratitude to Lopa Kothari (journalist) and Micahel Rossi (producer) for recognising the spirit and dedication that define our festival. This feature is a testament to the hard work and passion of every artist, volunteer, and supporter who has contributed to making our event a resounding success.
A special thanks goes to Marko Prpič, who initiated this project and played a pivotal role in carrying it out. His vision and commitment have been instrumental in bringing our festival to this remarkable platform.


We also thank Feel Slovenia and Visit Ljubljana for backing up this project!



Tune in tomorrow at 21.30 (GMT+1)
and celebrate with us as we bring the magic of our festival to the global stage through BBC Music Planet.