25 May will be a night to remember in Gala Hala as well

KOKOKO! and The Brother Moves On are coming to Druga Godba on Friday 25 May.

KOKOKO! are a group of musicians from Kinshasa, plus French producer débruit. This DIY collective call their sound ‘tekno kintueni’ or ‘zagué’ and, inspired by the everyday sounds of the city, it ricochets between psychedelia, disco and post-punk. For many on the scene, KOKOKO! are creating the future sound of Kinshasa. They are, without doubt, among the most forceful representatives of the Democratic Republic of Congo’s vibrant alternative music scene.

The Brother Moves On are a South African performing arts, music and storytelling collective. Their sound spans rock, Xhosa funk, dub-metal and free jazz, complemented by spoken word performance. The band comprises members of the country’s ‘transition generation’ whose experiences are related in witty, politically charged language that reflects local traditions and contains a hefty dose of Afrocentrism. They are one of the best live acts in Southern Africa – and have recently caught the eye of CNN and The Guardian, among others, with their ‘Brother Burns Bullion’ project.

These two tremendous acts will appear at Gala Hala on 25 May, joining Ibeyi for a Friday night to remember.

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