Kinodvorišče - Kinodvor

30 June at 21.30

The Rumba Kings

Alan Brain / USA, Peru / 2021 / 94 min


In the 1950s, when the Democratic Republic of the Congo was under Belgian rule, a generation of Congolese musicians decided to fight against colonial oppression with music. They fused traditional African rhythms with Afro-Cuban sounds, thus creating a new style – Congolese rumba, which soon conquered the entire African continent with its infectious groove, captivating guitar licks, and smooth vocals. The Rumba Kings documentary is a joyful celebration of the liberating power of music.

featuring Papa Wemba, Manu Dibango, Simaro Lutumba, Papa Noel, Pépé Felly Manuaku, Verckys, Roitelet, Guvano, Paul Mwanga, Brazzos, Manda Tchebwa, Clément Ossinonde, Jean-Pierre Nimy, Lubangi Muniania



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