Kino Šiška

1 April 2023

The Comet Is Coming

In collaboration with Kino Šiška, thrilling electro jazz astronauts The Comet Is Coming are returning to Ljubljana! Shabaka Hutchings, Danalogue and Betamax will take us to new sonic worlds with their brand new record!



Guru of the new London jazz scene Shabaka, sci-fi-inspired keyboardist Danalogue and rhythm-splicing drummer Betamax left us speechless for the first time at the Druga Godba festival in 2016. Four years later, they treated our Katedrala Hall to both a party and a show, according to Radiuo Terminal. By now, the intergalactic travellers have established themselves as one of the key names of the burgeoning jazz scene in the British capital, garnering critical acclaim with each new collection of their boundless musical expeditions, and performing at legendary festivals such as Glastonbury.

The transgenre comet is coming back to the Solar System with the new album Hyper-Dimensional Expansion Beam, which leads us towards new worlds and sonic vistas, ranging from the dreamy intensity of the track “Lucid Dreamer” to the bugged-out “Technicolour” and beyond, further, at the speed of light. The band’s most fully realised and deeply produced album is an expression of the unique unity and magical alchemy that amplifies the combined powers of these seasoned musicians to new heights and opens a portal to new universes and other dimensions. Join them in their atomic dance!


  • Pre-sale: EUR 25 EUR
  • On the Day: EUR 28
  • Discounted price: sold out