Križanke, Ljubljana

23 May 2009

Son de la Frontera (Spain)

Last year’s Druga Godba introduced us to a fusion of flamenco and electronic dance rhythms served up by members of Ojos de Brujo. This year it’s the turn of another flamenco group that delights in fusing different musical traditions. But for Son de la Frontera, whose exciting live performances have gained them domestic and international acclaim, ‘fusion’ takes on a whole different meaning. Instead of drawing on modern sounds as a source of inspiration, the group are imbued with history and traditional forms. They share a passionate affinity with the legacy of the groundbreaking flamenco guitarist Diego del Gastor (1908–1973) on the one hand, while on the other they explore the history of flamenco, which has always been capable of absorbing and using other traditions, injecting it with Arab and Gypsy elements and soaking it all in the rhythms of Cuba. Son de la Frontera were nominated for a Grammy for Best Flamenco Record in 2007 and won the European category of the BBC World Music Awards in 2008.

Paco de Amparo – guitar
Pepe Torres – compás and dance
Manuel Flores – compás and dance
Moi de Morón – voice in compás
Daniel López Vicente – guitar





Cal (Nuevos Medios, 2006)
Son de la Frontera (Nuevos Medios, 2004)