Gallus Hall, Cankarjev Dom

14 August 2021

Sílvia Pérez Cruz presents Farsa (solo show) (ES)

The concert has been postponed several times: from 13 May to 9 November 2020 and later to 4 May and 26 July 2021.


Sílvia Pérez Cruz, voice, guitars, compositions

Sílvia Pérez Cruz developed her interest in the arts not only at music school, but also at the art school of her mother, Alartis (Espai de creació), a place full of space, resources and freedom, where various artistic disciplines coexisted. Sílvia recalls, for example, that in her mother’s classes, the children had to paint with chocolate what she played on the saxophone, and she also remembers her mother playing the guitar while she taught drawing. This makes it easier to understand that while her natural language and passion is music, Sílvia is deeply interested in art and has always encouraged encounters with other artists, in order to go further and to understand how each artistic language expresses the same reality.



This project presents songs that Sílvia has composed in collaboration with other artists and artistic disciplines: theatre, cinema, dance, painting, photography, poetry. Recent examples (all from 2018) can be found in the film La noche de 12 años (English: A Twelve-Year Night), the original music created for the work Grito Pelao with the dancer Rocío Molina, and her compositions for the play Cyrano, featuring Lluís Homar.

In keeping with this interdisciplinary dialogue and in order to bring a sense of unity to the project, a link to photography was forged in the form of a series of photos, each of which will be used as a specific cover image for one of the songs. Sílvia also lent her face to the service of artistic makeup: for each one of these covers, her face is treated as a canvas, and the result is directly inspired by the music in each case.

Photo: Alex Rademakers


EUR 15,00 | 20,00 | 23,00


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