Tabor Hall (Playground)

27 May 2022

Pijan Slavej (MK)

Pijan Slavej, vocals – Pece Trajkovski, digital accordion – Andrea Mircheska, double bass – Slavco Jovev, drums



The man behind Pijan Slavej is none other than Branislav Nikolov, famous for his incurably spontaneous, explosive and passionate live appearances, and one of the most original and charismatic artists on the contemporary Macedonian music scene. At Druga Godba we know him well, of course, as frontman of the excellent Foltin, who appeared at the 2014 edition.

Pijan Slavej is Branislav’s new project, and one that managed to capture the hearts of its hometown audience from the outset.

With songs that rely on the originality and charm of their lyrics, and perhaps even more so on their unique energy, he descends into the heart of the 70s Macedonian pop scene, at other times transforming familiar classics into an 80s disco dance party and continuing to mine the kind of musical expression with which Foltin have become synonymous.


Following the Pijan Slavej concert, the ‘old’ Branislav Nikolov will return to the stage as guest of Slovenia’s own purveyors of a good time, Jimmy Barka Experience.



This concert is included in the programme of the 38th International Druga Godba Festival and is covered by the Festival Pass.

Jimmy Barka Experience ft. Branislav Nikolov + Pijan Slavej

Pre-sale: EUR 17

On the day: EUR 20

Festival Pass: SOLD OUT

Jimmy Barka Experience feat. Branislav Nikolov + Pijan Slavejbuy me

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