Natalie Bergman (US) / CANCELED

Natalie Bergman concert in Ljubljana has been canceled due to canceled flights to Ljubljana. We will inform you about the new date as soon as possible.


Natalie Bergman, vocals, guitar



Despite all the problems that came with it, 2021 proved to be an excellent year for music; and Natalie Bergman’s debut album Mercy, which was created following a personal tragedy, was undoubtedly one of the highlights. It was during a stay at a monastery in Chama Canyon, New Mexico, that she started to write and record a collection of 12 songs heavily influenced by her love of gospel music. It is a unique world of sound and spirituality, and a quest for hope in tragic times.

Natalie Bergman comes from a famed musical family and has been performing since she was 14 years old. For most of the last decade, she has shared vocal duties with brother Elliot in their Wild Belle duo; but everything changed when, as she was about to step onto the stage at Radio City Music Hall, she heard that her father and stepmother had been killed by a drunk driver.

Brother Elliot was a pillar to Natalie throughout the entire creative process. She finished the record in his studio in Los Angeles, although all the music was recorded by her alone, and unveiled it for the first time, with band in tow, at the Paste Magazine studio in LA during last winter’s lockdown. The release of the album in May 2021 was accompanied by a series of superb videos, with some music critics calling it one of the albums of the year.


Natalie will be appearing on the same Druga Godba stage as her brother did a few years ago. Where Elliot is an Afrobeat innovator, Natalie offers an entirely different take on gospel, one of the great American forms. As with the blues vocalists of the 1930s, her voice thrives at the higher registers, but this is far from a retro re-imagining. Even though the themes of her songs are religious, her performances are very much in the spirit of today’s neo soul and R’n’B, with one difference: Natalie Bergman is a world unto herself.

Emotional American musical storytelling with a fire that breaks out when you least expect it.