Channel Zero, Ljubljana

Tuesday, 21 May 9.45 PM

Mopo feat. Jimi Tenor



No Druga Godba is complete without a world premiere and this time it’s the turn of the Finns. It all began one November day when future-jazz trio Mopo released ‘Acid Panama’, a track recorded with legendary Finnish saxophonist Jimi Tenor. If there’s one place in the world where jazz can park itself at the crossroads of every conceivable genre of music and transform itself into a sonic mix of awesome power, then it’s surely there, in the saunas, bays and forests of Helsinki. We’re licking our lips at the prospect of seeing Linda, Eero, Eeti and Jimi take on all-comers at DG 2019. Get ready for the Mopocalypse.

Linda Fredriksson, baritone and alto sax; Eero Tikkanen, bass, double bass; Eeti Nieminen, drums, percussion; Jimi Tenor, woodwind




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