LAURITA PELENIŪTĖ (UDU): Traditional Lithuanian singing workshop

Slovenian Ethnographic Museum (SEM): 24 May 2022, 4.30 pm

Moderated by Katarina Juvančič


Entry is open to Festival Pass holders and those with tickets for the Brina + UDU concert on 25 May.

Laurita Peleniūtė is a singer dedicated to preserving and presenting the culture and folk music traditions of her native Lithuania, adept at present music in a new and fascinating way, uncovering the ‘codes’ of her ancestral heritage, giving new meaning to the oldest songs and bringing them closer to modern audiences. Laurita invites you to experience ‘Sutartinės, an ancient form of polyphonic singing often described as mantralike because of its meditative ritualistic power.

Workshop participants do not require any musical knowledge or indeed knowledge of the Lithuanian language. Laurita will decode the songs in an easy-going celebratory atmosphere, and create harmonies with the participants. The workshop will be moderated by Katarina Juvančič, singer and music journalist.

In cooperation with SEM