Ljubljana, AKC Metelkova mesto (Gala Hala)

25 May, 12.30 AM



If you’ve had your wits about you at any time in the last few months, you might have heard the latest
phenomenon to emerge from that most musical of cities, Kinshasa. Kokoko! are not the first band to
make all their own instruments, but in collaboration with French producer débruit they’ve come up
with a sound that is so monstrously good, so maddeningly hypnotic it will keep you in your seat for,
oh, about three seconds. This DIY collective describe their sound as ‘techno kintueni’, or zagué; this
roughly translates as the ‘everyday sounds of the city’, which in this case glide between psychedelia,
disco and robust post-punk. It is an explosive mix that works up a sweat wherever it lands.

Débruit alias Xavier Thomas
Dido Lokato Oweke
Bom’s Liteli Bomolo
Julien-Makarabianko Matumona Nzaku
Bovic Mwepu Kankolongo


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