Ljubljana, Vodnikova domačija

26 May, 5PM


Ičo Vidmar: Druga Godba for today’s use

Ičo Vidmar: Druga Godba for today’s use – Obsolescence and relevance

The history of Druga Godba is instructive. While it has had its ups and downs, it has nevertheless managed to preserve the founding mission of its first edition way back in 1984 and to keep its original shape – one that looks simultaneously obsolete and relevant today. Seen historically, Druga Godba was an example of the successful assertion of self-managing cultural interests – and this is precisely what remains today, at the programming and organisational level. It is this that makes it impossible for the festival to be assimilated into the process of provincialisation of musical and festival culture at work in Slovenia. Ičo Vidmar’s lecture will be accompanied by photographs from the extensive Druga Godba archives.