Ljubljana, SIGIC

26 May, 11.30AM


fundaMENT Serial #6

Talks on the music business:Francis de Souza

May’s fundaMENT Serial will be taking place in collaboration with the Druga Godba international festival. This month’s guest is Francis de Souza, who has been involved in the music business for 25 years. He works as an agent at Earth Beat Agency, which represents many world music artists.

Francis de Souza is a Netherlands-based music professional who operates as part of the programme teams of Houtfestival (Haarlem) and De X music venue in Leiden, but he is mainly active as an agent for the Earth Beat Agency in Amsterdam. Among the agency’s clients are Femi Kuti, Orlando Julius, Tamikrest and Jambinai.

Francis will be in conversation with Rok Košir, and their talk will focus mainly on the workings of a music agency. How did Earth Beat Agency come about and what philosophy does it stand behind? How do they go about choosing their clients, and what can they offer them? What are the laws of the music business, and particularly that part of it devoted to world music? Is the world music business more or less accessible than other fields of music? Can the international world music scene, which presents music from quite specific localities, be a decent springboard to the wider international music market?

The talk will take place from 11.30 am on Saturday 26 May at the SIGIC offices, Trg francoske revolucije 6, and will be in English.

Attendance is free but you do have to register your attendance in advance HERE.