Križanke, Ljubljana

22 May 2009

Casuarina (Brazil)

Although samba is a highly varied genre, and one that has found a home in many countries around the world, we do still tend to associate its rhythms with Brazil, from where this conjunction of African and European musical idioms first arose. Even today, when many different styles are flourishing in Brazil, samba remains the pillar of both carnival ritual and the numerous forms of Música Popular Brasileira in which its original elements are to be found. Casuarina, who burst out of Rio de Janeiro in 2001, are among the best custodians of this noble tradition, boldly adding new, self-penned songs to the standard samba repertoire. Their tender, infectious choruses, almost dreamy sound, buoyant melodies and seductive, multi-layered rhythms are all so subtly bewitching that you’ll find yourself singing and swaying before you can say ‘caipirinha’.

Daniel Montes – 7 string guitar 
Gabriel Azevedo – percussion, voice 
João Cavalcanti – percussion, voice 
João Fernando – bandoline, back vocal
Rafael Freire – cavaquinho, back vocal
Renato Albernaz – percussion 



Certidão (Biscoito fino, 2007)
Casuarina (Biscoito fino, 2005)