Kino Šiška

26 May 2022

Bab L’Bluz (MA / FR)

Yousra Mansour, electric awisha, lead vocals, percussion – Brice Bottin, electric gembri, guitar, backing vocals – Hafid Zouaoui, drums, backing vocals – Jérôme Bartolome, flute, percussion



‘More than anything else, we’re a rock band,’ says bandleader Yousra, who sings and shoots riffs from her goatskin-covered awicha (a small gembri) like a Berber warrior of old.

‘We use the awicha like a guitar and the gembri like a bass, but both are tuned differently. We focus our wide range of influences towards music that transcends boundaries and travels through time.’

Is there any band whose rise has been as swift as that of this Moroccan-French quartet? Not many. Is there anything else to add? Well, they were responsible for the best concert at Womex 2021; and, wherever you look, be it Mojo, The New York Times, BBC, Songlines or Uncut, you’ll find nothing but hymns of praise. 


Peter Gabriel, who knows a good thing when he sees it, released the band’s debut, Nayda, on his famed Real World label in 2020. Paying due respect to Gnawa, Hassabi and other local traditions, the record is the young generation’s call for unity, resistance and the building of a free, just and equal community – one that thrives on cultural differences and disdains physical boundaries.

Long may Bab L’Bluz rock and rule!



This concert is included in the programme of the 38th International Druga Godba Festival and is covered by the Festival Pass.

Bab L’Bluz + Juana Aguirre

Pre-sale: EUR 18 | 15*

On the day: EUR 22

*Under-25s, over-65s and senior citizens

Festival Pass: SOLD OUT

Bab L'Bluz + Juana Aguirrebuy me
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