Križanke, Ljubljana

18 Maj 2009

Abd Al Malik (France)

Abd al Malik, born Régis Fayette-Mikano in Paris to Congolese parents, enjoyed a meteoric rise through the French-speaking music world with his 2006 album Gibraltar, which was voted urban music album of the year in France. Al Malik’s brilliant melding of spoken word and music rests on a thorough knowledge of philosophy, literature and poetry, and an early life in the deprived suburbs of Strasbourg, yet it was his astute departure into the world of the French chanson that ultimately opened doors for him. Key to this enterprise was Gérard Jouannest, composer, pianist, regular accompanist of the great Jacques Brel and one of Al Malik’s role models. Jouannest contributed five songs to Al Malik’s album Dante, and their warmth envelops the rapper’s deep hip-hop confessions, which are set to music by his brother Bilal. It was with Bilal and the band NAP (New African Poets) that Al Malik began his career in Strasbourg. He was also Ambassador of the European Year of Intercultural Dialogue 2008 and Best Male Artist of 2008, both honours paying tribute to a young musician who has introduced art to hip-hop, with hip-hop returning the favour with interest.

Abd Al Malik – voice
Bilal – DJ
Nicolas Gorge – drums
Or Solomon – piano
Antoine Massoni – bass, double bass
Alexandre Leitao – accordion
Thibault Frisoni – guitar





Scarifications ([PIAS] Le Label, 2015)
Château rouge (Barclay, 2011)
Dante (Polydor, 2008)
Gibraltar (Atmosphériques, 2006)
Le Face À Face Des Coeurs (Atmosphériques, 2004)