[DruGod Records] Nina Virant’s debut album release – 30 June

Zavod Druga Godba is delighted to announce the release of niei, an album by Nina Virant and her band VIRA. The album will come out on the DruGod label, which has previously released four albums by Brina, as well as records by Kaja Draksler Acropolis Quintet, Godalike and Bossa de Novo, and the Bisergora children’s album.


Although niei will be her first independent release, Nina Virant has been active on the Slovenian music scene for several years. As a singer she has recently worked with Martin Martian and Žigan Krajnčan, although it is with VIRA that she is finally stepping fully into the spotlight and realising her full musical potential. Prior to this she was involved in the Ansambel za preužitek project, where she began collaborating with Veronika Kumar, but the latest phase of her musical journey only began to take proper shape when she partnered with Norwegian percussion wizard Gard Nilssen, well-known as the leader of Supersonic Orchestra, the Gard Nilssen Acoustic Trio and several other highly respected Norwegian ensembles.


Nina Virant – glas, klaviature, kompozicija, poezija, aranžma
Veronika Kumar – glas
Gard Nilssen – bobni


PRODUKCIJA: Veronika Kumar, Nina Virant
MIX & MASTERING: Daniel Wold
POSNETO: Veronika Kumar, Miha Arnuš, The Cosmosonic Studios, Ljubljana, February, March 2023
VIDEO & MONTAŽA: Martin Vogrič Dežman, Nik Gomboc
V VIDEU: Nik Gomboc, Nina Virant